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Kiss My Arse

So on Friday after gym, Marie and I headed to The Woodman and Olive, a gorgeous little country bar/restaurant, in the woods, down country lanes. This might have been lovely on a sunny evening, but it was damn dark, wet n chilly! However, the delicious and very generously portioned food more than made up for it.

Saturday daytime was a bit of a lazy one, mainly due to hobbling around on an unimproved ankle. I will have a surfeit of chores next weekend :(

Spence came over on Saturday evening, sofa picnic, Prosecco and a couple of movies. Very chilled. On Sunday morning, he set up my new TV, which I'm very pleased with. In fact, I was very pleased with a couple of things. He has talents, it has to be said. However, I'm still unsure, we shall see. Enjoying the moment.

I spent Sunday daytime also not doing the chores I'd planned, and had a nana nap instead.

Sunday evening, off to London with Paul, Sara and Rod to see House of Burlesque at Wonderground. What a fabulous show it was, we all raved about it. Paula and Sara were most excellent company too. I really like Wonderland, good place to meet for a drink, a bite and a good show. I also want a ride on the penis swing thingy!

Tonight I'm out for dinner with my ickle Dawnie in The City

To be honest, I pretty much have it all at the moment, one way or another. Apart from my ankle, which is shite! But I am feeling like the cat that got the cream. The double cream, the clotted cream and the creme fraiche. Would it be greedy to go for the whipping cream as well?

No, I didn't think it would be either.

I do need to watch what I eat this week, I want to keep lost weight off. However, if fun opportunities keep arising....


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