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Zippity Doo Dah

A lovely weekend lined up!

Gym and dins with Marie this evening, who also very kindly helped me collect the new TV last night. Free dins, which is even better.

Tomorrow, Spence is coming over in the evening, for uhhhhhhhhh, Netflix and chill. But it's more like Amazon Prime n chill. With a sofa picnic. Hope he realises he'll end up covered in cat hair. Third date, looking forward to seeing him. he does have a flaw though. Doesn't like spicy food at all, arghhhhhhh!

And on Sunday, off to London to see House of Burlesque at Wunderground.

Garden and housework really need doing, but they aren't going to get done this weekend! Apart from an hour or so done by slavey at lunchtime I guess. It can all just wait, I'm concentrating on going with the flow and enjoying myself.

Other plusses are a free breakfast from Pret this morning, a Chinese massage at lunchtime, a bottle of red from an admirer, Rod bringing me a picture he found of an Indian goddess, upping my weights again at gym, getting a hairdressing appointment at exactly the time I wanted for tomorrow (super-rare where I live!) and work going splendidly. More stuff sold on Ebay, and I've treated myself to a rather lovely full length vintage silk kimono. Just for wafting around in. And only 2 weeks until my Dublin jolly with the girls.

Minuses are, a sprained ankle, which is making me walk terribly, and feeling a bit tired. Oh and the rain. Getting a bit bored of that!


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