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Sep. 2nd, 2017

Had a lovely little night out with Donna. Delicious meal in Le Hanoi, our second visit. We had the lovely little Summer prawn spring rolls, and I had an absolutely gorgeous steaming bowl of Beef and Crabcake Bun Bo Hue. With a cheeky Merlot at a mere £15 a bottle, an absolute bargain for the West End. Followed by a lovely cocktail called a Vijito. There's a huge choice of Vietnamese food in London, but I would go again!

Then off to The Arts Theatre, where we had free tix for I Loved Lucy, a two man play about the latter years of her life. It's had very mixed reviews. It was funny and poignant in parts, but entirely self indulgent from the writer's point of view. My back was playing up, and I had to sit forward as the seats are low and uncomfortable, which possibly hasn't helped my opinion. At the interval, instead of rushing to the bar, I rushed upstairs to do Pilates stretches. My ankles are swollen too, no idea why, hey ho!

Nipped into Browns for a cheeky glass of Champers afterwards, and made it home by 11.15, which is fab, as I have a long day tomorrow. All in all, great catch up, and I was especially delighted to see her looking so well. The weight loss is very obvious. Shame we can't say the same about me. But my turn will come.

Rod fed the cats, and spent some time going through my emails to and from Spencer. I hope he found whatever it was he was looking for. I am seeing Spencer this weekend, he's been lovely, but is under no illusions as to a full time relationship. I'm not a fool, I know I am not ready for that yet. It'll take a long time to get Rod out of my system. However, enjoying some cuddles and spending time with somebody who genuinely really likes and appreciates me, will be good for my soul, which has been rather black of late. I've made no promises and have no expectations, and he's the same. I don't think he's the one for me, and I've already told him. But I am an affectionate creature, and having strong arms round me again will do me the world of good. And I don't care who knows it. The worst that can happen is me having a new friend. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I am keeping my mind, and my heart open.

In the past I've looked at Rod's phone and emails, but deliberately not since I decided time was up three months ago or whatever. He's been free to go where he wants to and do what he wants to without me asking or knowing. Previously, I only did it because I knew he was fucking around, and it hurt me. This time I've taken a rather more grown up approach and just let him get on with his single life. I hope he finds what's eluded him for his whole life. I hope I do too.


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