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Very Trying

Really pushed myself in the gym tonight, and won my gold medal. I am getting stronger, building stamina and muscle for sure. But still need to address the diet. Pffffft. This won't be helped by just agreeing to meet Donna for a slap up Vietnamese before the theatre tomorrow. Such is life! Note to self to do more cardio to, I am nowhere near as fit as I could be.

Dug out my pirate frock coat and hat for Saturday. Not sure it's appropriate for The Princess Bride, but few fucks are given, pirate it is!

Luckies today include A Groupon for colour, cut, wash n blow dry locally, reduced from £85 to £29, so booked that. I normally only pay £38, but still a saving. And the Chinese place opposite came up on Wowcher, £19 for an hour long massage. Rude not to, so purchased and booked in! I don't know where my dreamy reflexology lady from down the road has vanished to, but she wasn't in on her usual day, today. Went to the Chinese place instead, and got a Bulgarian guy, really nice, but hardcore, it hurt!

Debs pinged me whilst I was biking in the gym, she fetched me home for a cuppa and a natter. Cheered me up seeing her. She wouldn't be lured into wine though, working!

This has all been a brilliant distraction, my mind has been all over the place.


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