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Crap Day

And all my own fault.

2 hours late for work, due to forgetting to switch my alarms back on after the Bank Holiday. Arrived out of sorts because of that, but cracked straight on. Luckily, I had already done Monday's work from home anyway, so a slight respite!

Then I managed to forget my important 3pm meeting - until he turned up! Apologised and cracked on with that too, very productive, so all's well that ends well. Plus I have some interesting things to do tomorrow, which is always a good thing.

Came home (after working late) to find Rod tidying up the outside, which is great. He also took the TV, which isn't so great, but he won it, so fairy nuff. Got the old bulky think for the time being, I will look for a mega deal. In the midsts of this, Mum calls, and asks if I'm sure I am doing the right thing and what does Rod think. I am sure I'm doing the right thing. He doesn't love or respect me, which he readily demonstrates with his cheating and lies. I won't go into all the details with the 'rents, it would be too upsetting for them. I do love him, of course, but for my own sanity and self-respect, it cannot be allowed to continue. I don't know what he thinks, I haven't asked him. But he has moved quickly into the life of a single man, which he was pretty much doing on my time too, so I guess he must be happy. I'm sure he realised it wouldn't go on forever with him behaving like that, he's not stupid. For sure, moving must be a pain for him, but nowhere near the pain he's caused me over the years. As he left, I made the mistake of getting upset and giving him a hug on the doorstep, which he didn't appreciate, and phoned to tell me. He's right, perhaps it does send the wrong signals. It's just that I felt upset. But I will refrain in future. Hugs are not OK for him. If you are a friend reading this, I need hugs, so please don't hold back!

And then when I went to have a bath, I found a bag of about 10 pairs of shoes I put aside for Ebaying during my huge weekend tidy up. More work! Well bugger that tonight, I am having the night off. But looking at TVs, LOL. I will start work on the shoes manana.

Finally, I have chopped off what (very) little was left of my nails after hardcore gardening.

So all in all, not the best of days. C'est la vie.

Tomorrow is another day!


Aug. 31st, 2017 12:25 am (UTC)

Lady hug coming your way on Friday.
Think you have been very brave. Sod what he thinks xx


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