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All Change.

So, Debs turned up, and off we go for a slap up roast at The Toby Carvery. We both ate far too much, and whinged a lot about being too full. A coffee in the garden, until she got a job, off she went, leaving me wanting a nana nap. But I resisted. Because I didn't get up til almost 11, and apart from stripping the bed and doing some washing, had done bugger all.

Out into the garden. Hardcore weeding and LOTS of chopping ivy down, plus a few plants and bushes trimmed back. It looks exactly the same really, only I know I've done it, and my only proof is a fit-to-burst green bin. Lots more to do. Insert huge sigh here.

However, it does mean I've done two things today that I genuinely enjoy doing.

I was going to zoom down to Kent tomorrow, but thinking it's better to finish the garden. Maybe cycle down to Waltham Cross and see what I can find in the way of flowers for the bed outside the kitchen, although it's a tad late in the year. Cheap and colourful is the way forward.

I am chatting to Spence again. Not that I've changed my mind about him, but he's a lovely guy, somebody to go places with, and some affection, are good for me right now. He knows the score, so I'm not stringing him along. Not this weekend though, he's policing Carnival.

Feeling much happier than I did this morning. Stupid how a picture can trigger such unhappiness. I suppose it's the association with the dismantling of dreams, and saying goodbye to a life that was. But it has to be done.


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