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Sunday :) - How life was.

Originally posted by maitressep at Sunday :)
Laid in a bit, and then decided to go swimming. It was busy, so did a sluggish 30 lengths and then came home to his boo-ness and we orfed to the Cuffley Show, or rather he dropped me off, and went to the boot fair, and joined us afterwards.

Of course the mood was a little sombre, we all felt for Margs, but she was there, as was Saz, who displayed the lovely Sparkle and Pie twice. I love seeing the agility dogs. The boxer was a buffoon, the little Jack Russell was away like a ferret up a drainpipe. Speaking of which, we also petted an albino ferret. Won naff-all on the tombola, admired some of the marvellous vintage cars, and then we sat around drinking pop and scoffing hot dogs. Lovely sunny afternoon in the great British countryside. Bloomin' lovely!

All back to ours for some hardcore lounging. I had brough some delish rhubabrb and ginger jam, so we opened it and ate it with our fingers. The dogs scared the foxes and squirrels senseless, and we drank wine and cider with the most convivial of company. Boo was an angel and made us fish fingers, sosige sammiges and mini yokshire puds. It really was a lovely afternoon. Sunny and warm, with friends. Perfick.

Last night we just lazed around. It was nice to do not a lot.

This morning, lotsa Ebaying!


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