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Happier days.

Originally posted by maitressep at post
What a splendid Sunday!

Boo managed to bag a few bargains at a local fete, and pick me up a Freecyle cornucopia of expensive face gunks n  such, whilst I bunged stuff on Ebay, and in the afternoon, instead of spending a long time in a hot car going to the seaside, he decided we'd go to a more local Essex naturist club! Bloody brilliant!

First sight was an old lady of about 70, sat stark naked, doing her knitting out in the sunshine :)

We had the tour - the place has a pool, fountain, tennis and petanque courts, boules and miniten pitches and a clubhouse with various games etc and a BBQ. You can take your own drinks, or for 25p, four times a day, they ring the tea bell, and you can have tea! So very very twee and quintessentially British!

We had a lovely swim, and then played boules with an elderly couple - who trounced us :(

Lots of couples there - and families. All incredibly friendly, loads of people came and talked to us and made us feel very welcome!  We weren't the youngest, oldest, fattest or thinnest, but we were one of the younger couples there. It's so liberating to be unclothed, sat there chatting away to all sorts of people. Love it!!

And when we left, about 7ish, we went to Hertford and met up with Alfie, who told us his tales of woe over dinner, LOL.

And a great night's sleep, even though we didn't get to bed til 1ish :))


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