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My life has gone exactly nowhere in the last 10 years, and here's the proof. I started off so full of hope and love. A new beginning. But he shat on it, every fucking step of the way. A liar and a cheat. Full of shit and self obsessed.

10 years on, I don't have a plan. He was my love, my life and my plan. Obviously I was just his Get Out Of Jail Free card from a very unhappy marriage. At this point, he was drunk and crying in his kitchen most nights.

He waltzed out on his wife and family, for the sole purpose of shitting on somebody else. Actually, that wasn't the purpose, that's just what he does.

Originally posted by maitressep at post
Weirded. Very.

Just about everything's packed away now, apart from the few items of clothing and foody stuff. It's all in bags n boxes, the flat's empty, but full if ya know what I mean.

Going back to the Dr's this afternoon as the antibiotics didn't shift the underarm lump. I s'pose that means a biopsy :(

May treat myself to a manicure and pedicure.

Other than that, I'm off work today doing little chores all over the place.

My Mum's offered to buy the black chandalier I wanted, seeing as I stumped up for the bed.

Lucy took 3 more exams a year early (she took Maths last year) and got 3 c's - school unhappy as they say sh should have done much better, and it's because she's behind in her course work. Lee's taken care of that already, LOL. 

Ummmm, off to collect my curtains and duvet from the dry cleaners. No end of excitement then!

Drinkies tonight with some friends who've passe their accountancy exams, then maybe of to the London Munch. Wanted to go to S&S in Radlett, but I don't think that's gonna happen now. Really fancy a fet nite out before I leave London tho!

Rod is hopefully back now, he said he was coming back last night, which means I'll prolly start shipping out tomorrow. Hard to find peeps to help at short notice tho :(

All's well really :)


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