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First glass of wine since Sunday! Deserved, as I did the front and side lawns as soon as I was home from work.

I've watched Paul Burrell in therapy, with a healthy dose of cynicism, it must be noted. He sold out, and the public will probably never forgive him for that. However, his life story - from adoring mother, to gay in a mining village, to "make do" wife, to the goddess, and finally, on to his husband, is compelling. To give her her dues, the therapist did break down his behaviours and make him see the whys and wherefores. Not so much to change his past, you can't of course, but to help his current relationship move forward. And I feel she can tick that box. One of the themes that played through the series of sessions, was his role-playing. He was never really himself. Just constantly role playing, much of that for attention and respect. Ultimately, he ended up with neither, so it did him no favours. Now recently married to his gay partner, I hope he finds the happiness that has eluded him.

I also watched a semi game show, whereby couples in crisis compete with each other, with therapy in between. Mercun of course. Interestingly based around games and challenges. The winners are not the couple who win the games, the winners are decreed by the therapists to be working and communicating best together. It makes them think, which is a good thing. They don't all come out still together, which isn't a bad thing.

My therapy today has been thinking about what to do with this house once it's cleared. Now, I do love my pink room. So, I think quirky and colourful is the way forward for me. I don't have a lot of money to spend, but a few kitsch pieces will go down a treat. Really, Rod should be paying to have the house redecorated, he's done the damage, and I've personally done, or paid to have it done at least twice. But doubting it'll even cross his mind, so I'll crack on as soon as I can. Beautiful, bright, bold colours, Clashing n mashing! I have a hankering for one, deep purple velvet sofa. My shaggy long can go on the other side. Pink room pretty much a re-do, same colours, and ditto bathroom. And big bedroom probably. Small bedroom I need new curtain that don't let in so much light, a feature wall and I am thinking about displaying my vintage bags. I love the hallway in deep red, but maybe too dark? It'll be a bugger to cover though. I'd love an egg yolk yellow to let the sunshine in.

This evening as I got the mower out on the side, one of the cubs popped out, looked at me quizzically and disappeared back into the undergrowth. I am absolutely intrigued as to what they think! Why does the human keep getting the noise machine out, parading it up and down the garden! Who knows what a fox cub thinks! However my dear, your mother kept me awake with her shagging last night, you are not long for this garden. Hoping she elects to bring me cubs again when the time comes. Some traditions should carry on, ad infinitum.

Both boys lolling in the lounge tonight. Unusual to see the Murphster in so early.


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