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In spite of feeling rather grotty this morning, I headed off to the Big Smoke, with my sold Ebay parcels weighing down my battered Minnie Mouse rucksack. I stopped off en-route at my usual Pret, and bagged myself a delicious hot omelette and bacon brioche and their amazing value 99p filter coffee.

Once at my desk, in my hot pink office, with walk-in wardrobe, I assaulted work with a vengence. Then did a training session with Nix, my little Chinese boy, who is thorough and exacting, and Pierre, a new manager. Had a gossip with Greg, and did more work.

At lunchtime, Elvie from Accounts gave me a Pho Bun, which was a tad naughty, but very, very nice! Then my parcel of 3 solar powered flamingos arrived.

The afternoon was largely taken up with a revenue meeting, which was productive and on the ball.

Shot into the gym, ignoring my fatigue, re-tested and upped my weights before completing two circuits.

Nipped in to Tesco and brought the things I'd forgotten to order online yesterday.

Home, and cooked salmon fishcake with potato Dauphinoise, whilst washing up, packing another Ebay, and setting the flamingos up. And of course, feeding and playing with the cats. Or cat, Murphy wasn't that bothered, it's all about the tuna.

My Tesco order arrived at 10pm and that's put away, and the washing is off the line.

Booked train tickets to Brighton, an absolute bargain at £13.50 return.

The last hour I've been photographing and listing more Ebays, whilst simultaneously chatting to debs online, and playing Scrabble.

And that, was my day. Crisp, efficient and industrious.


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