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Aug. 13th, 2017

I have had just the most pretty much perfick weekend.

Saturday, a lie-in broken by Murphy's incessant howling at 9am. This followed a very odd night indeed. I had a nap in the evening on Friday as I felt soooo ill. I woke up at 11, and watched the Nicole Kisman boxed set thingy, and fell asleep again, on the sofa. Woke up again at 2am. Felt much, much better, and just poodled, and fell asleep again. Woke up at 5am and went to bed! Foour more hours sleep, et voila, totally back on form again.

My to-do list was gym, and gardening.

Didn't do either, instead, meandered into town and got my hair done and treated myself to a mani and pedi. Oh, and a massage! In the nail salon, everyone was going for summery beiges and shell pinks. Never one to follow the crowd, I opted to get my nails cut really short, and them, and the toesies painted a vivid purple.

Home to bathe and oil.

Debbie picked me up after collecting Joe from the train station, and we zoomed up to Luton, and checked into our freebie hotel.

Met up with Dawnie and Phil, who I'd bagged a staff rate room for, had a quick snifter, sorted out a taxi, and headed off for Pete and Mandy's.

Arrived, and a table plus the worktops absolutely groaning with lovely food. Top marks to Pete's chilli, yummy! But really gorgeous food. People were spread out between the lounge, patio and garden, and it washard to decide where to sit, as we had friends in all 3 zones. Plumped for John n Sandie, who've just moved out of Cheshunt, but circulated lots. Felt on top form, laughing and jousting with everyone. It's quite hard being the singleton after a long term relationship, but I think I accounted for myself very well indeed. I felt very much at home and comfortable, even with the people I'd never met before. Other old favourites there, any and Peter, Lou and Tim, Disco. Joe of course and Dave was wnadering around, ahppy and well behaved as always. I adore him.

Had an interesting frisson with Disco. She piques my interest. A feisty alpha sub. We flirted, she knelt at my feet, so I hurt her, just a little. But we are both looking for men in our lives.

All in all, a top night, I danced my arse off, as did quite a few people. Lots of really good conversations going on. A hen night invite, with no wedding, hahahaha! Just really good fun.

Got back to the hotel at a quarter to five. Took some risque photos of Debs, and we decided, whilst shrieking with laughter, to get up at breakfast which started at 6, and go back to bed after, which was exactly what we did.

At six, we got up. Pulled our previous night's attire over our sleeping t-shirts and went for breakfast. What a bloody sight we must have been. Wild haired and saggy eyed, hahahaha! Scoffed brekkie, full Ingrish, naturally, downed coffee and juice, and went straight back to bed.

Up again at 11, hasty pack n shower. And back on the road, off to Hertford.

A free meal at a really lovely, eclectic restaurant. We had a great meal, and loved all of it. If we hadn't been so tired we would've happily spent the whole afternoon there. In fact, thinking about planning a big Hertford night out.

Home for a nana nap.

Up at 6, straight into the garden with the cats. Bloody lovely evening. Sat outside til almost 10pm. At 9, one of the fox cubs broke cover and came across the garden. Both of my boys just watched, didn't move, save for a bit of ear twitching. And at that moment, I counted my blessings.

I missed boo at lot last night. A short while ago I found out from him that Janice is deteriorating. I wish her peace, and a safe journey. That's all we can hope for at the end.

Carpe Diem. Eat, Drink and be Merry. La Vida Loca. Whatever you want to call it, do it, because you never know what's around the corner.

Love and peace to everybody reading this.


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