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Downsides of Being Single

The most obvious one, is the total lack of skin on skin, the physical contact. I'm an affectionate puss, I like to touch and feel people. I miss cuddling up at night and again first thing in the morning. More even than sex. I miss lying in the crook of his arm, with a leg flung over him, chatting shit. And I wonder if I'll ever find somebody I want to wake up with again. I do hope so.

But currently, I am hearing every, single, noise, and it's keeping me awake. I was shattered last night, after a very busy weekend, and throwing myself at the gardening - and went to bed early, which was pointless. Every creak, every car that went by, the cats moving aroud, it was all amplified. I hope I can nod off tonight, I'm out with Dawnie tomorrow, we're seeing Judge Rinder. I love him, such a princess!

I'm covered in scratches from squeezing between the rose bushes and the brambles, to hack at the damn ivy. I'v only done a small section, loads left to do, but the wheelie bin is already full. Grass needs mowing as well. That's another minus of singledom, you have to do everything yourself. I really wish I'd made plans for a party or BBQ during the summer, it's criminal not to have people over more, but he was just not into it. I am though, so it's something I'll do more of next year.

Work is sloooow. Planning on gymming tonight, minus a weary Marie. Tesco shop done yesterday, so nice things for dinner!

Donna has said she'll give me the portrait she's done of me after she's exhibited it. Hark at me, not only having my portait done, but in an exhibition too!

My office looks like a shop. I have indulged myself at Collectif, Lindy Bop, several vintage emporiums and book stores. But the way I look at it, it's like Christmas but the only person getting pressies is ME!


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