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Artist's Muse and Model

Well I said I would!

Donna, who has previously made me delightful outfits, has reincarnated herself as an artist. This is due to her long term illness, which of course is not a blessing, but her finding a new creative outlet certainly is. She is absolutely loving it, and the results are stunning.

She's chosen a photo she took herself, a few years ago, when a crowd of us went out on a booze-fuelled cocktail n fancy dress Pirates night. I'll find the blog and repost it. It was an utterly brilliant night, I felt terribly sorry for Robert, the only tail there, and Vicky and her friend, who didn't get into it at all. The rest of us had a blast! Ironically, Rod paid for all of the tickets, but was unable to come, due to TAness I think.

And the painting, even unfinished, is getting plaudits already! Needless to say, I am chuffed and honoured to be her subject. And I can't wait to see the end result.

Cass did me in pencil back in 2004, it's a lovely piece of work, but too flattering, I look much slimmer than I actually was. Somebody else did me in, I think chalks, a couple of years later, and that's hanging in the hallway. And I have reams of photographs from clubbing days. But to be chosen by an artist is an honour. I am very, very flattered.

And she called me last night, late. I had had a rather unpleasant run-in with Rod earlier, and was still feeling delicate. She asked me if I was happy for her to continue with the painting, which I said I was. She went on to say that she had wanted to paint me, and had trawled through years of Facebook photos to find what she wanted. She then said, "Don't cry, but even though I can't stand Rod, one of the things that came across from your pictures, is how so very happy you were".

I cried, because she was absolutely right, I was exceedingly happy.

And then I cried some more, because he chose to shit on it all, in exchange for a few cheap shags, with skanks. Nobody will paint him, or his skanks, not that he can recall most of them.

And I rise.


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