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Jul. 30th, 2017

The first thing I saw this morning, apart from Fatso miaowing in my face, was the 2 fox cubs dozing by the garden table. By the time I got downstairs, they were scampering off. Still unsure as to how many cubs Mme Renard had, more than 2. However, it's a joy and a privilege to still have these 2, and of course her. Things like this lift my spirits So much!

Den and Erica came over last night for, if I say to myself, a very tasty steak dinner. A simple charcuterie board and ciabatta with a few G&Ts, steak and chips with salad - and red wine. Followed by Sicilian lemon cheesecake. A very simple meal, not much time faffing in the kitchen, leaving me ample time to hostess! Every scrap eaten, and they didn't leave til gone 1am. Fabulous conversation (himself tells me I don't talk, but believe you me, I bally well do!), some great music, good food and friends. You can't ask for more. I adore both of them, and feel lucky to have such solid people in my life.

The house is relatively tidy, Rod did a sterling job in removing a ton of stuff from the dining room so that I could actually use it for dining, so very pleased with that. Still a lot in there, but he's broken the back of it. It makes me feel a lot better when I don't feel swamped with "stuff", I find his desired choice of environment very stifling and oppressive. I don't feel so angry when I can move freely around my own home. I like it a lot.

Today, hmmm. I need to call the 'rents, and somebody has asked me to bag an invite to a party for them. I honestly should go to the gym, but feeling very...........Sunday lazy. Did toy with going to Harlow Boot Fair as I haven't been for at least a couple of years, but too much faff to get there. There is, as always, Ebaying to be done. In fact, there are multitudes of things I should be getting on with, but probably shan't. Today is MY day. Oh and the weeding, always the weeeeeeeding. But blessed to have such a big garden, so shan't complain!

I've had a good cry this morning. Betwixt Scrabble games of course! The sun is starting to shine now, I think I may head for the garden.

If you're reading this, have a wonderful Sunday.


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