Call me Madam (maitressep) wrote,
Call me Madam

On This Day

-10 Rod went to see the house we are now living in

-9 Margot and Guy were perfect choices. They were fun and sexy all night, and we had a blast with them. Boo has the scratches to prove it! The hydrangea's wrecked, there's red wine up the conservatory door, and much to my surprise, boo has a collecton of (thankfully) very hazy photos....

Clyde was the perfect chef cum waiter cum subbie. The food was delish, the service spot on and he's a lovely man to boot. We managed to consume 5 bottles of beer, 7 bottles of wine and a litre and a half of orange muscatel, LMAO!! We eventually went to bed just after sunrise, happy, sexy and incredibly randy!

I'm pleased too that we got to know M&G better. We know them both via events and social and clubs of course, but sometimes those things are an endless parade of hi's n bye's.

Much nortiness all night, and not for telling here :o)))))

Clyde vanished in the early morning, and the rest of us woke up to clothes strewn everywhere, lots of empty bottles, but no washing up :) The swing in the garden was broken, and I suddenly remembered that all 4 of us were sat on it when it collapsed the night before. The cat hadn't left home tho, so nothing was toooooo bad!

Saturday, we went out for breakfast, me feeling rather more delicate than him. Bumped in to M&G again, as we'd forgotten that we'd sent them to the same place!

Then off to Harlow, ostensibly to buy some lawn seed. Instead, he brought me a lovely new silver collar, which is adorable, and then we hit Monsoon. I have no idea how many dresses he had me trying on, but we were in there for more than an hour. In the end, he brought one and I brought myself one. And the pound shop didn't have any lawn seed *sigh*

Lazy, loved-up day all day Saturday, leaving me feeling very contented and purry.

-8 Rod away somewhere, Texas? Had Perry over.

-7 Amazing dinner with Rod at Kensingtoon Roof Gardens, and had naughty sex in the grounds.

-6 Went out with the girls on a very drunken and fabulous fun Pirate Night.

-5 Rod doing Olympics with the Army, I did Helvellyn!

-4 Rod's Lauretta staying, went to Bethnal Green Working Men's Club and had a great night out.

-3 Camping at Jimmy's Sausage n Beer festival, loved it!

-2 Chap Olympiad followed by discoveries and Heartbreak

-1 The other FB memory that came up was Rod, this time last year, contacting people for sex whilst he was away for work in Irvine. In fact, I don't think he ever stopped contacting people for sex. Oddly, last night, he admitted he's already been in contact with his skanks, which I predicted 2 weeks ago. He said he's not going to meet her, but that I wouldn't believe him anyway. Too fucking right! You lie and you lie and you lie, and nobody will ever believe you. Them's the breaks arsehole. Best of all, I don't care. he can fuck what he likes. I am still really upset at the death of what I thought was forever, but zero desire to be involved with him. None at all. He killed it all. Oh, and each time, he blamed me. I'm afraid not love, there's only one jack bastard, and it's you.

Today - same shit, different day.

Quite sad to see how wonderful things were, and how utterly shit he made them. But a good reminder that the last 3 years have not been pleasant for me.
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