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23rd July 2010

I'm getting into this archive malarky!

I do believe I'm feeling a bit hungover this morning!

I sat in the sunny courtyard of the old Shillibeers last night, reminiscing about the good old days of the London Fetish Fair, whilst imbibing a decent bottle of red, and gossiping with my girlies, waiting for boo. We had dinner there, and then off up the the Pleasance Theatre next door for The Butler, coctkails, and more wine.

The Butler was FANTASTIC!! Sorta cirque du soleil with fetish and sex! It really was a fabulous show, funny, well executed and one of those times where you have to watch constantly as there's always something happening. Only 8 actors, a German, and the others Kiwis and Aussies - and they were all fab, we had a drink with them in the bar afterwards. They've funded their own trip over, and the whole show. All I can say is bravo bravo!! Highly recommended! A real visual feast, we loved it!

A very sexy night :))

And then disbelief this morning, as Donna invites me to her 45th birthday. I REALISED STRAIGHT AWAY THAT SHE HAD THE NUMBERS THE WRONG WAY ROUND :))

Boo's taking his daughers to the airport this morning, they've got 6 weeks in Oz! I was chatting to his boss earlier in the week, she's also off there in September, funded by the company. So I'm feeling whistful and thinking of Nix.


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