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The only thing I didn't finish was the gardening. Failure not mine, the stop-start rain stopped play!

Amazed myself by going back to bed, literally for a few minutes this morning, and then incentivised by Den, jumped on my bike, had a bally splendid Full English in 'Spoons and then hit the gym. Fifth time this week no less! I am actually enjoying it, although somewhat achey now. Cycling seems a bit like hard work at the mo, I need to get back into that. No way I'd make The 25 mile Hertford return at the moment. But THIS GIRL CAN!!! Wobbled home, via Tesco, with my shopping in the bike basket. Forgot Murphy's tuna, he's playing hard done by now, arghhhhh.

Done my Ebay listing, very boring, but needed to be done. Debs has invited me over for a roast, I shall ping her shortly and ask if I'm not too late to accept! We went to the Bulls Head last night, some poor bloke was having a heart attack in the doorway, but was saved by the ambulance crew. Magnificent people, they truly are.

So all in all, I have achieved what needed doing. Rod meanwhile is having a 4 day bender. That's after him telling me he was going to look after Janice. In 12 days, he's been out all night on the piss with work once, had a 3 day weekend with the TA and 4 days, maybe 5, at a festival. I'm sure she feels as well looked after as I do. But let him carry on with his self-obsessed behaviour. He clearly doesn't care about other people, and I hope he's expecting the same in return! He's taken yet another new sim card with him, hahahahaha! I can see the bad behaviour for exactly what it is now. I've absolutely no doubt he's flinging himself at various females, and I feel sorry for them. And him.

I do have an idea. He won't like it, but I do.

I know what I want from life. And I shall get it, or stay happily single. These last couple of months have illustrated how well I do that.

Just had a divine bath, I'm silky smooth, I've done my nails, and I'm ready for the week ahead. Bring it on I say!


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