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My last day was so, so lovely.

Sat around the pool, Petros asked me what time my flight was. 9.45 I told him, so he gave me ANOTHER ROOM, FOR FREE! I hadn't seen Simba/Marmalade the cat all day, but a few minutes after I'd gone to this new 1st floor room, I heard a very plaintive MEOOOOW from the balcony. Yup. So, instead of showering and refreshing myself, I spent an hour with him on my lap, just enjoying his company and the view. A perfect ending to a perfect break.

Flight was delayed. Rod offered to pick me up from the airport, a generous gesture I was only too happy to accept. Home, and after a small coffee, I went straight to bed.

Never, never underestimate the restorative powers of doing pretty much nothing. I read 4 books, sat in the sun, and ate well. I feel fabulous.

SGP is pretty much a no-go for me, due to the very poor weather forecast. A real shame, as I really wanted to go, and had brought stuff especially for it. But I know how miz I would be in incessant rain at a festival, so I needed to make sensible choices. However, there is a deep, underlying sadness about it.

Day off today. Other than washing and putting things away, not madly busy, which has been great. A pre-work buffering day is a luxury I rarely have.

I have been mailing with Petros, he's offered me £20 a night on half board next June. Lead me not into temptation............

I booked of course.

Who knows where I will be, or where my life will be a year from now? Certainly not I. Debbie's good friend passed in the early hours of this morning. You just never know what's going to happen with life. As for my life, I so wish I had the most excellent counsel of foxxx. I am sure she would advise me well. She is very, very missed.

Fatso is sat opposite me, we are in the garden, with wine. He's pretending to be an all-knowing, inscrutible type. But I know he's a fat, greedy bruiser!


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