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Last day tomorrow, and it is a full last day as I don't have to head off to the airport til 8ish, which is lovely. Not so lovely is arriving at well past midnight!

I foolishly allowed the BBC weather to dictate my plans today. All day rain was forecasted. So I nixxed ideas of bussing to Benitses or Corfu. In reality, we had 2 minutes of rain at around 9am and another 2 minutes at 8pm, neither sufficient to wet the floor! There was rain alright, but we could see it was across the Ionian Sea in Albania. Resulting in a stunning double rainbow this evening.

Today I must've pleased Petros as I had no mails, messages or anything else. My job is done as an obedient and very, very grateful guest!

This evening, post-dins, I have done some internet research into a little sideline. As one does :)

It's gone midnight here, and pretty windy, although I am naked on the balcony, sheltered. It will be my first night here minus the hum of the aircon. The sea is very lively, crashing rather than lapping, on the cliffs and beaches. A man has been out on the jetty and path for at least the last three quarters of an hour, searching dilligently with a high beam torch. A lost wallet? Who knows. I hope he finds what he's looking for, it's absolutely black out there again. No moon tonight.

Tomorrow, home, to lawd knows what. Nothing has changed. But I feel refreshed and relaxed, for what it's worth. Today's consumed book was Happily Ever After by Harriet Evans. It was in the care package Min sent to me. A lady who has more troubles and less money than I. I am truly, truly thankful for such wonderful women in my life.

I can see the last couple of jets landing at the airport, and three huge cruise ships edging their way down the coastline into the open seas. Earlier today, no less than 5 private planes came in, plus 3 yachts were moored not far from our jetty. "That's the life" I thought. But it isn't my life, and I don't even think I'd be especially good at it, lovely as it looks. It's not me. It's not for girls like me, with their wild curly hair blowing in the wind, sipping at 4 Euro bottles of vino.

I really fancy a bar of Green & Blacks. But a Twix or a Kitkat would do.

Should you be one of the 500 reading this, take care of yourselves and each other. Work hard, play harder. Love fiercely. Buy local. Speak the truth. Give charitably and accept gracefully. Count your blessings.

Thanks pretty Corfu. You've really looked after me when I've felt at my most vulnerable. I NEVER forget a favour, and I'll be back xxxxxxxxxx

Love and peace.


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