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No, not in one, still roasting away in Corfu, but today I read the above names book by Robert Harris, cover to cover. I enjoyed it, but it has served to reinforce my dislike of the Catholic church. And indeed all organised religion!

I've done pretty much the same as yesterday, pool in the morning and sea in the afternoon, with a nana-nap interval. Plus I've been accosted by Petros again, who wanted to know why I wasn't at dinner last night, which he reinforced by text, LMAO! This evening, I meekly got dressed at 7 and went down, I don't want to be in his bad books!

I have been people watching and people talking. Firstly, my shoal of Russian boys. They are all at least 6ft tall, with a sprinkling of tattoos, hairless and buff. In other words otters. I just had to look up the collective noun for otters, and it's Romp, Bevy or Raft, which are all delightful! They arrive at the pool, chat, swim, and then just vanish.

I've also been chatting to what I shall refer to as a complication, in terms of a collective noun, family. Husband, wife and girlfriend, plus 2 kids. H & W are separated, she went to live in Scotland (they are from London) and there he met the GF and now they are all holidaying together. Kids are technically Aussies as they were born there and lived there for 8 years. It's clearly strained. But a grand idea in principle.

Two plump and jolly English gerls, plus two much older Russian chaps, both very lean and very gentlemanly. Can't decide if they're gay or not. Harder to tell when they're from a closed country. Two very pretty German girls, excellent English, and an older couple Brit couple, terribly elegant. Trashy novels though!

Then it occurred to me, how difficult it is these days, to tell one nationality from another, especially in cossies. Due to global branding. The super-brands are all over the world. Unless you hear somebody speak, the only solid clue is a book or magazine. It used to be so easy to spot where people hailed from, but now it's not. Not that it matters.

Rain forecast for tomorrow afternoon. Having said that, thunderstorms have been predicted for the last 2 days and didn't happen. I may go to Corfu Town or Benitses in the morning, and get back into my books in the afternoon. Or I can watch Amazon Prime from here. So it doesn't really matter if it does rain, I think it might be nice in fact.

The only downer is a mossie bite. From my office last week. It's pretty huge now. That, and my messy life.


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