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I set my alarm this morning, as I particularly wanted to see the sunrise. I needn't have bothered, I was up and about anyway, and she rose in the most spectacular manner, blazing orange. I took lots of photos, but my camera phone isn't equipped to deal with that sort of light, shame.

Breakfasted on fried eggs and cheese pie. And of course coffee. And orange juice. Absolutely delighted to see "Marmalade" still in residence, and no sigh of that bloody cat trap! With an adoring retinue of eager feeders, all Brits of course. There are French, Russians and Italians here too, from what I can make out from the jumble of accents.

After breakfast, was accosted by Petros, the owner, who asked me about the other 2 people, and I had no idea what he was talking about. Triple room, ahhhhhh, yes, it was the only room available, so that's what I booked. he then apologised profusely for not putting me on a higher floor or having a double bed. I explained that I'd booked half the hotels in Corfu before finally getting availability here, and was more than content with my bath, large, sea-facing sunny balcony and kettle. He said he would reduce my room rate, for which I thanked him, and thought no more of it. We chatted on, and he presented me with a couple of mini bottles of extra virgin olive oil from his family's own farms.

Next, over the road to the shop for provisions. 2 large bottles of water, 4 cans of lemonade, milk for my own coffee and of course fagarettes at 4.50 euros a packet. By this time there was a power cut, and the shop was roasting, even at 9am. I felt sorry for the old lady at the till, and we chatted in pidgin English for a bit.

Provisions fridged, off to the pool I go, armed with my new book. Phone goes ping, it's a mail from Petros, room rate has been reduced from 392 Euros for the 5 days to 255. How generous is that! Bearing in mind he's fully booked for ALL of July and August and can command whatever he likes rate-wise! I certainly wouldn't do that, no siree! Made a mental note to spend more in the bar by way of thanks, and kicked off with a cappuccino.

Then the serious business of swimming in the pool and reading, which I accomplished 4 hours of. Non-stop.

And then Petros bounds over, asks me if I've received the email, which I confirm, and he then tells me he's throwing in dinner as well. I'm absolutely GOBSMACKED. I simply cannot believe my good fortune!

A wee nana nap in the heat of the afternoon.

The afternoon and until 7pm, was spent between the jetty and the sea, swimming and reading.

I didn't have dinner, as I had a cheeky Bombay Bad Boy in my case, which I ate whilst finishing off my book, Ian Rankin's latest Rebus crime thriller. An excellent holiday read. A bath, hair wash and now I am utterly chillaxed, on the aforementioned balcony, with a 4 euro bottle of red, and very, very happy.

Counting my blessings, I really am.


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