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Black as the Ace of Spades

So here I am, back in my deliciously sunny bolt hole, Cor *phew*. It's very hot and sticky. It's midnight here, we're 2 hours ahead. There are no stars tonight, the sky is black. Just black. The three-quarter moon is hanging low in the sky and burning bright orange. She's malevolent, radioactive almost. But I can hear the waves lapping at the shore beneath my balcony, and I am already decided to sleep with the doors open, it's so restive. Naturally, I am covered in Deet to the point of choking.

Forgot my foot inserts, so unsure as to how far I'll be walking. But 2 deodorants, so at least I shan't be smelly :)

Full marks to Jet2 and their bloody lovely crew, so friendly and helpful. And I arrived 25 minutes early, ye gods! sat betwixt a lads holiday gang, who were lovely. First time, so I was chatting to them about booze prices and food. They've invited me over to Kavos, and of course I won't go. I hope they have a whale of a time. Different holiday to mine, and for different reasons.

I was almost loathe to leave the UK this morning, reasons various, but here I am. And already plotting hols for next year. Oz this year may need some re-planning, given the circumstances. Possibly an opportunity to travel further afield, who knows!


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