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12th July 2009

Daddy is cooking lunch, and then we'll head to the gay/nudist beach, which is where we spent a naughty and very pleasant day yesterday, boozing and amusing each other, a couple of nekkid lil hippies. In the evening, we were terribly Spanish and didn't order dinner until well gone 11 - and delish it was too. I can't believe how cheaply and how well we've eaten out here. Barcelona on the whole, is no longer cheap, but we've done damn good!

The only bummer was boo getting his wallet nicked from his pocket on Friday night, which marred an otherwise good day. It was in the Barrio Gottico, which is a spectacular area, but running alive with thieves. The uber-camp Bruno-esque translator at the Police station is worth a visit tho! "Messy messy messy!" he shouted at one poor American tourist, and then proceeded, hand on hip, waggled-fingeredwith a real Bruno accent to proclaim "Mister, I think I told you that was a carbon copy, didn't I!". He was helpful to us tho, so maybe he no lika-da-Yanks.

We've walked and walked all over, seeing quite a lot, eaten in only local establishments, and had a fine old time. This break has been short, and inexpensive really, but very enjoyable. Lots of sex, wine and good food. A bit of kulcha and the Tour de France.

Dali is better than Gaudi any day though :))


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