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When I first started full time work, as a lowly hotel receptionist, wayyyy back in 1982 (gulp!) there used to be a dashingly handsome, half-French, half-Spanish boy called Gaston. He didn’t work for my hotel, he came in several times a week to sell tours and tickets to our Spanish guests. He used to flirt madly with me, which I missed completely, I always do, I am so incredibly unaware when men are doing that. However, it would’ve been no use anyway, as gorgeous as he was, he was only 5 foot 3, and I don’t do pocket-sized. But I always thought, if I ever had a boy child, I’d call him Gaston. I loved the name.

Fast forward to 1991, and I had a small child, who was enchanted by Beauty and The Beast, which she played almost on loop, and knew by heart. And the villain is Gaston! I could never quite get my head around that,

The above was in inconsequential ramble, I don’t know what made me think of it.

Last night, after our Indian, D & A and mesself headed over the Road to our “local”, The Bulls Head. I went in for drinks, and I was merrily chatting away to a man at the bar whilst we were both waiting to be served. He commented on my top and my strappy sandals, and then went on to ask me who I was with, and just, general chitty chatty. He got served and said “catch you later” as he took his drinks back to where his friends were sitting. And the Landlord came over to me and said “your playing it cool tonight, not your type?” I asked him what he meant, and I discover that I was, in fact, being chatted up. I am clueless about these things, really hopeless. And I couldn’t get outside quick enough, the idea just freezes me.

I am formulating little weekend plans in my head. I must do 1 gym session, and I really should tackle the weeding before the bindweed becomes too Audrey. I have a play party to go to on Saturday, but unsure if I will. I have 2 other things, both daytime, one on each day, which I may or may not do. Oh, and lots of Ebay listing to get done, that’s be a 3-4 hour job Let’s see where the wind blows me.


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