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Loving It

The hot weather that is. Except the commute, that's deeply unpleasant of course.

I am in the garden now with a bottle of rose. Roast chicken in the oven. Himself has gone to look for a lake for us to go wild swimming in (a lie, but he seems unable to stop his silly self from constantly lying. At 51 years of age. Yup. ). Although I've watered the garden daily, with religious fervour, only the dear geraniums and the cheap lavendula from Lidl last year are thriving really well. The chrysanths and carnations are wilting. Even the roses, wild as ever, are suffering from the heat. However, we've had masses of strawberries, and the raspberries are about to give forth! The little violas and pansies are struggling, the glads, well, we'll have to wait n see. But THE GERANIUMS! MAGNIFIQUE!

Friday I went a-beating, which mean I could treat the lovely Miss Howard to no less than 6 bottles of pink prosecco over lunch yesterday! Lunch went on til well gone 10pm, she's such a raconteur, and brilliant fun. I espied something on her antiques stall for my dort, who's collecting during the week. Kate's hubby may never recover or work again, and isn't in great condition, and her Mum is off to hospital for an op on Wednesday, staying in a few days. So I thought Kate deserved a treat. She's such a trooper.

The parentals are well. Mum has regained all her weight, and colour, and is her old self once more. Dad is utterly knackered, but he's in his 80s, even his doc tells him it's his age. He still thinks he can behave like a 30 year old. Wishful thinking I'm afraid! Mum has now waited 9 months for her scab to drop off, so she can use her prosthetic leg, but still no joy. Very disheartening, but absolutely nothing to be done about it. But she is managing, she's doing all the gardening herself, and good on her I say!

Saturday was housey stuff, weeding in my case. We both managed to get a lot done, in spite of the heat. was tempted to go out for dins, but we did that on Friday night, so instead, a very laid back dinner with wine in the garden.

Friday actually turned out to be my salvation. First, a box of chocolates from a fellow Manager on his last day. Followed by a lovely bottle of red, for no reason, from the owner. And then BIG JOY! After checking twice daily, a cancellation comes up, and I am booked back in the same hotel in Corfu for next month. The rate is higher as no early booking discount, but I'm unspeakably delighted. The owner is coming to pick me up at the airport, he pinged me minutes after I'd made the booking. Then I had to cancel the 12 other bookings I'd made elsewhere and couldn't decide on, hahaha!

This week, gonna try to gym a bit, heat permitting. Dinner with Marie on Wednesday, Dawnie n Phil on Friday and off to Poland at the weekend with Debs.

Thankful for all that I am and all that I have.


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