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Bad Memories

I am in Corfu, basically, because Rod and I have booked to go to Oz for 3 weeks over Christmas. I had booked to go to Corfu almost as soon as I'd landed back last year, but then needed the work holidays back to go to Oz. Compromised with different dates to the rest of the gang, which I was happy with, and have totally landed on my feet with Petros. I am amazed by this place, it's light years better than Kassiopi, cheaper, has a lovely private beach which isn't all pebbles, a much better bar and restaurant and no Cardiac Hill. It's also closer to the Corfu and the airport, isn't infested with noisy bars or multitudes of tourists and the associated overpriced restaurants and shops. In short, it is an idyll.

I don't even know why I booked to come back at all, other than the gang element. I associate Dimas with poor Margs having to suffer the insufferable, and me having to put up with shit. However, having my hand forced on dates has transpired into such a lovely time for me. I am genuinely sad to be going home, and gutted that this place is full for my return next month. Yes, I am coming back, albeit not here.

The moon this evening was blood orange, and the sky clouded over. I was searching Skyscanner for mid-July flights, due to Alpes being cancelled. Across the bay, I could see broad and vivid red and orange flashes of light, which were far to strong and bright to be a plane or a disco, and then I realised it was the moon, flashing her lovely self from behind the clouds. So I've ended up booking another flight here in July, £118, which ain't bad!. My refund from the tres expensive Alpes jaunt will pay for a bloody excellent stay here, although I am more tempted to rough it in cheap n cheerful. Either way, I have another 5 days of blissful peace and sunshine to look forward to. Plus I'm off to Poland with debs at the end of this month.

I don't know what awaits me at home.


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