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I am posting from my balcony again, watching skeins of swallows swoop and soar. They don't appear to be catching food, so I am assuming that they are doing it for their own amusement. Or mine!

Changes. Hmmmm. I am too overweight. In spite of being very healthy for a fattie*, the physical problems I have are either being made worse, or caused by, weight. My back issues will never go away, but are perfectly manageable, and I can do 99% of things when my weight is under control. Less pressure on the discs. Simples. The arthritis in my knees will never go away, but will be hardly noticeable if I lose weight. Simples. Although not proven, I am pretty sure I'd have less issues with my ankles, ligaments et al, if I weighed less.

Above notwithstanding, I don't feel sexy or attractive at the moment, and I know full well this is weight related.

I also need to do more stretchy stuff, as I feel I've "seized up" a bit. Plus, I have my ankle strengthening exercises, which I haven't bothered with, so time to get my finger out!

So I will address that issue.

On voting Labour............

I used to be a rampant socialist and trade union shop steward, back in my yoof. So I have been on the other side before.

I support the majority of Conservative values and ideas, but I feel our society has become unjust. Whilst Cameron raised more people from the dead than Jesus, by introducing checks on those off sick, for whatever reason, it has gone far too far the other way. Yes, there were an awful lot of people off for years with "bad back" and "depression", which went unchecked for far too long. But now we have people deprived of cash and services, and that simply isn't right. Our emergency services are all understaffed and underpaid. I understand fully the need for cuts, but I don't feel all of them have been in the appropriate places.

I have been saddened by the racism Brexit has delivered. And the ignorance of it all. People voting to leave, because they imagined it would get rid of the brahhhn people. No thought given to the other, everso slightly more major consequences :(

Jeremy Corbyn, has been up til this election, a wet lettuce. There has never been such ineffective opposition in Parliament. But he's clearly been to an image-maker, and good on him. He came across much better. I hope this continues when the House sits again. Watching the Tories blatantly taking the piss, was, frankly, no sport. Some of his ideas are great, some batshit crazy. And DA needs to go, she's a liability, no matter what her past form is. There must be effective opposition, it's crucial.

May made a good start. But she's a worker bee and not a people person in the political sense, although everybody who knows her on a personal level speaks very highly of her. And she's dedicated, so who knows. I don't think she'll last long, and it's not time for Boris yet, but his time will come. As one ex-grammar skool gerl to another, sorry Mistress, you didn't get my endorsement this time!

As for FB, I am heartily sick of the politics on it. So much tripe.

I am now off to see a man about a cat. If that trap is still there, it and him are going for a swim.

* I am devoid of the usual diabetes, cholesterol issues, heart problems that are often associated with being overweight. It's not a talent, I have just been lucky. So far.


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