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On my phone, I had a "rooster" ringtone. It's bloody awful, boo hates it, but it gets me up.

This morning I was woken up by the more distant sound of a rooster, welcoming the sunrise. I got up, slipped on a t-shirt, made myself a coffee, and watched the last of the boats straggle home as the sun came up. I'd gone to bed early, tired and not wanting to see any more election bollix, so this was a perfect alarm call. Same again tomorrow I guess :)

Today has been all about the sun and the sea. I went to the shop over the road, which incidentally is run by the surliest, most bow-legged Corfiot you've ever seen, I'm sure he must be running a facist regime in the stock cupboard or something, and spent the princely sum of eight Euro on a mask and snorkel.

And down to the sea I went. No shoes needed, just down a few steps and away I went. Lots of rock formations and weed beds, with little fishes darting to and fro. Always fascinates me! And then I read the remainder of my second book, and chugged two litres of water.

I want to do my open water scuba qualification, I have closed water already, but I still can't shake off the ominous feeling that I'm going to drown.

I waaaaaas going to go out this afternoon, but simply transferred myself from the sea to the pool. Found myself chatting to a wonderful lady, 60, here with her 15 year old daughter who's dying from a rare cancer, possibly a year to go. The young girl has severe reactions to many things in everyday life. They even have to cover door handles, because metal sets her off. However, she and Mum decided to throw caution to the wind and just have a week of normality after a very prolonged and ongoing illness. No ill effects, save a lot of mosquito bites, to the point where she found it quite distressing. Oddly, me, who usually gets slaughtered by the beasties, has none. Anyway, was pleased to have given this very hard-working Mum some adult conversation, she was a great woman.

This evening, after dinner, I thought I would take a look in at the Greek Dancing going on in the hotel bar, and have a cheeky pina colada. I was just about to get up and go, when the hotel owner asked me if I was Paula, to which I said yes, and complimented him upon his establishment, and another PC arrived. And another. I have no idea why he singled me out, he wasn't buying drinks or talking to anybody else. I pre-requested a sunny balcony, sea view and kettle, but I'm sure lots of people do! The waitress didn't know who I was, so I am perplexed. But hey, it was nice!

It's 11.30 here, and so very peaceful. They don't have the disco bars that Kassiopi is cursed with, so no bangin' choons til 4am. I can see the lights twinkling round the bay, the odd plane, and the Dutch couple next door, having a bottle of wine on their balcony.

This place is a real tonic, I was saying to Rod earlier that I wish I could stay longer. We are having to cancel his cycling holiday in The French Alpes, due to his shoulders, and a fair amount of laziness and lack of training on his part. That means I have 5-6 days booked off mid July, before the schools go on holiday. I am sorely tempted to look at an Ionian island, or perhaps a remoter part of Spain. Or maybe even good old Portugal. Waste not want not!

Such a loooong walk to the beach!

Where this couple are (taken from my balcomy) is where I was this morning. The sea is so amazingly clear.


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