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I had an extremely fraught night last night, which ended up with Debs hammering on my door at 05.20 as I hadn't heard any of my alarms go off.

There will be some changes coming up one way or another. Because there really, really has to be.

Anyways, sped to Heathrow, there in plenty of time, went to the Exec Lounge for sausage, egg and prosecco, as you do. Everything went super smoothly, and was in my hotel room 42 minutes after the plane actually landed.

It is exactly what I wanted. A lovely sunny balcony with sea view, a kettle (which they don't normally provide!), air con that works, great wifi throughout, and a fridge. I am on half board, the food was lovely and the restaurant, like pretty much everything else, looks over the sea. Today I stuck by the pool with my book, tomorrow I am going to the shop literally over the road, and buying a snorkel and mask. Because the hotel has an amazing pier, jetty thing, that goes right out into the sea. There's a private beach, and lots of fabulous little places to snorkel, I can see how interesting it looks from my balcony! Or I may go to Benitses on the bus, which stops right outside. Or both! I will also go to the hotel's Greek night, as I am hoping to feel more sociable. I've hardly spoken to anybody today as I've been tearful. But that's not a bad thing, I don't need to speak to anybody. The sadder I feel, the less I want to talk.

I walked all the way to Mouse Island after dinner, because I wanted to do something. It's sweet, watching the fishermen wading about for their catch, although I don't have a clue what they're catching. It's about 2km each way, so just enough to start burning off dinner calories, without destroying my ligaments :)

Been ignoring the political cessspit that is Facebook, especially after Jan's incredibly stupid post yesterday. I really am becoming less and less interested.

It's 10.30 here, and I plan on hitting the sack, it's been a long day. A long year in fact.

I can hear the waves lapping at the shore, just like they promised. I am severely tempyed to sleep with the balcony doors open, although I know I'll be mullered by the mozzies. I reek of Deet as it is. I have a 5 euro chilled bottle of local rose on the go, and not even vaguely tempted to finish it.

And for those that think they know it all, here was my decision, posted last week as I'm away. Made with regret as our local MP is very good.


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