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Bat Out of Hell

In more ways than one!

Met up with Donna in Cotes Brasserie on St Martins Lane. Eggs Benedict to start, a little tepid, but still tasty. Followed by Steak Frites, perfect in every way, and then a delish Crumble aux Pêches and of course, A gorgeous bottle of Provence NV Rivarose Prestige Brut with a fine and elegant sparkle. Didn't last long! Madame looking tres chic in grey, with matching tresses. Me looking like a bag lady as I'd done a mad dash from work! Good service, it's relatively simple to get 3 courses served before you go to the box office, and it's a great location too. I was half an hour early, and so was she. But all good, extra time to natter :)

And the show! The only negatives were the chrous/dancers. Really awks choreorgaphy and naff outfits. Surplus to requirements really. Donna had the hots for the Daddy, I was amazed by "Meats" voice, he looked too skinny to carry it off! Lots of great album hits, as you'd expect, plus a few new ballads from Steinman, some of which maybe didn't quite hit the spot. But I loved singing along. Bat Out of Hell has been my fave album since it first came out, and I still have my original tape cassette!

Had an interesting talk with D about weight and confidence, and she was very complimentary. I pretty much wear what I like and get away with it, others are more reticent. There's no right or wrong, your confidence will affect how you look and feel. So I was rather disappointed to be attacked yet again, (not Donna!) by somebody who rarely builds me up, and often takes me down. Deliberately, although I refuse to lower myself to their level. Thank the goddesses I have the resilience and self-worth not to let these sort of idiots get to me too much. But why should I have to? If demeaning somebody else, somebody who has done nothing wrong to you, and in fact mostly does their best for you, is the only way you can feel good about yourself, then you need to take a jolly good look at yourself. Don't trouble yourself over my confidence, attitude, popularity or waistline. I already have people to do that for me ;)


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