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Doing The Filing

Last night I had a rinse-out of FB friends, ones I have no contact or interaction with for a year or more. I thought it would be in some way cathartic, but it felt akin to doing the filing at work. Except I don't do filing at work, I simply pile everything up in a tidy corner for one whole year, and then on the first day back in January, into the bin it jolly well goes!

I have also unfollowed several people who are posting incessantly about the election. If, like me, you read the manifestos and come to a conclusion based on what you think will be best for the country as a whole, being bombarded with other people's party politics doesn't change anybody's mind. And just serves to irritate and make people look so entrenched in their own opinion, that it's just not worth bothering with. So I shan't! As an absolute plus, I have *actually* been able to see what friends are doing and feeling, so it's a win/win :)

My foot is absolutely no better whatsoever. My flu/cold thing has lifted nicely, although it was bloody horrible. The foot is preventing me from doing much really, which is trez miz, but hey ho. It has given me the opportunity to ponder the stupidity of some people's behaviour.

This post has been typed in the massively sunny back garden. Loving the weather :)


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