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Rabidly Rampant Rod!

Our host told us about Al Cucciolo Bohemien, as as he's from Naples, we went with his suggestion. I can see why this place was empty when everywhere else was full. Lacklustre service, and when I was given a choice between a green salad or vegetables with my meal, I did not expect just dry lettuce. When my friend ordered a green salad for a starter, she got just a plate of dry lettuce. Saving grace was my melon with Parma, delicious, but really, not worth the price paid.

We chanced upon 'O Vesuvio late on Friday night,and there was still a queue! So we waited. Waited some more, got a complimentary round of drinks, which we had stood in the street, all good fun.

Eventually we get our table, whereupon a huge row breaks out between the waiting staff and the manager, which was quite funny, loud, and went on for some time. We got another half bottle of wine on the house, because of the wait, and getting the order wrong multiple times. When the food eventually arrived, it was average, and they decided to give us starters and mains all together. A very haphazard place, not the greatest food, but funny. And full of locals

Getting to Sorrento was a breeze, hop on the ferry at Naples, and you're there in 40 minutes, and you get to gawp at the awesome coastline along the way.

We spent the day with Rebecca, wandering around. Rod got us both oranges from a tree, I still have mine. Lunch at a pizzeria, followed by a stroll through a lemon grove and all around the lovely old town. Rod and I came back by train, bargain.

Third time lucky at Osteria "Il Gobbetto", we tried to get in a couple of times before, but this place is loved by locals and visitors alike.

A crazy busy Saturday night, with the staff working flat out. Our costumed waiter recommended a mixed starter to share, which I would never have chosen for myself. However, we went for it, and out came 8 plates of delicious Neapolitan food, all of which looked as good as they tasted. Followed by a local pasta speciality for me and a seafood pasta for him, both of which the waiter pretty much told us to order, and we are thankful, because both were great.

Hilariously, two couples were moved from their tables, whilst actually eating, moved aside and more room was made for more tables.

Great food, great atmosphere, well worth the wait! Followed by fireworks whilst drinking wine, naked on the roof terrace *grin*

Sunday, we just wandered around, mostly backstreets. I brought myself a dolly little pair of sandals, and then we perchanced upon a bar, located inside a derelict church, selling drinks for next to nothing! Wes at outside on the square, watching Naples life. Absolutely lovely. At which point, Rod became decidedly rampant, and I can say no more, other than to admit it was very horny ;)

We are in agreement that we'll be going back! Maybe 2-3 more days in Naples as there's so much to do and see. And then, passing further down that aaaa- mazing coastline.

Feeling really happy. Foot is dire tho :(


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