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Pah, ankle still painful, haven't been able to walk much, however, with all of the glorious sunshine, haven't much wanted to!

Denis and Vicki arrived on Friday, somewhat exhausted after their tour of Croatia and the islands. They're here til Friday, although we depart on Wednesday for Amalfi, which I am huuuuugely looking forward to. We spent most of yesterday in the garden chatting away, listening to music and BBQing. I still struggle with the rampant racism, sexism and homophobia where Aussies are concerned, and the fact that they can't debate anything, they're just right because they think they are, but I guess a lot of our older generation are like that too. Not my parents, thankfully! But hey ho, it wouldn't do if we were all the same. I can kinda see why Rod doesn't want to go back there, and why many of their brightest and best come to Europe. And once they've experienced culture here, find home disturbingly 1950s. A shame in many ways, as Australians are great people otherwise.

To my surprise, boo dumped the 2 cabinets he got from freecycle on the bonfire last night! So that's 2 less things in the side garden. The back garden is looking great, my pound shop roses are multiplying like rabbits, the irises are up and the gladioli are not far behind. The last 3 mornings, it's been a wee pleasure to have my coffee outside, with the cats in attendance, sat amidst birdsong and fiercely battling bull squirrels and of course suuuuuun, at long last! Haven't seen much of Mme Renard the last few days, she doesn't care for the extra noise. But she's taken our offerings in the dead of night, and the fox family are all still thriving.

Today I have an office guest. A very mad Russian lady who wants some marketing help with her hotel. She's great fun, loves to talk, and I'm not sure how much we'll achieve, but it's nice to be asked anyway!


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