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May. 14th, 2017

I just realised that I'll be in Corfu in 24 days! We come back from Naples, and then I'm off again, solo, a few days later.

I have to say, really looking forward to it. Instead of the looong journey to the North of the island, I will be doing a short hop to an hotel in a small village, literally on the beach. Instead of the protracted begging for a confirmation from Christos, I got a reply in 3 minutes and 8 seconds, assuring me of the sunny balcony and bath I requested, and asking if I wanted a lift from the airport! I have chosen very, very carefully. Because I have nobody to please but myself. And please myself I shall. Most decidedly so. And gotten a bargain in the process, as my room, which overlooks the sea directly, comes with breakfast and dinner each day, at roughly the same price as a pokey balcony with no view, no breakfast and no dinner costs in Kassiopi. And no party muzik til 4am either, win!

I have planned early morning walks to Achilleion Palace, Mon Repos Palace, Panagia Vlahernon Church and Saint Spyridon Church. Followed by lazy afternoons either on the private beach or poolside, with books I am already squirrelling away. There is a little village close by, so naturally I will become a patron of the bakery :)

So, a little culture, a bit of local, and a lot of glorious sunny reading and relaxing. Corfu Town is walkable, I might treat myself to one of those buttery soft colourful leather bags I saw last time. Not cheap, but oh sooo covetable.

I am feeling slightly better this morning. I had a super-food breakfast of fresh papaya and clemetines in vanilla yoghurt, which was surprisingly delicious. Very refreshing and juicy. Which I will ruin this afternoon by clip clopping up the road to meet Debbie for an enormous Sunday roast and copious quantities of red, whilst I ooh and aah over her Dubai photos.

Happy Sunday peeps xxx


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