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Still feeling dreadful and can't really move around too much. Plans for Le Weekend pretty much scratched as everything is painful. Pretty much not planning anything much in lieu, as I don't know what I'll be able to do. So far, I have a late night Tesco delivery booked, oh the excitement! But I want to be well for Italy, now less than 2 weeks away.

I have completed First Draft of "THE ITINENERARY"!!!

Day 1 Thursday 25th May

NAPLES – TOURIST LIKE A BOSS! Citysightseeing Bus, hop on/off 23E


1Largo Castello (Piazza Municipio)
2Chiesa Del Gesu' Nuovo
3Piazza DanteIngresso Ai Decumani
4Museo Archeologivo Nazionale Galleria Principe Di Napoli
5Chiesa Di Santa Maria Della Sanita
6Museo e Bosco Di Capodimonte, Osservatorio Astronomico
7Santa Maria Incoronata
8Teatro BelliniMura Greche
9Museo Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina
10Castel Capuano- Porta Capuana
11Piazza Bovio/Universita


1Largo Castello (Piazza Municipio)
2Santa LuciaCastel Dell'Ovo
3Piazza VittoriaVia Calabritto
4Palazzi Storici
5MergellinaPiazza del Leone
6Capo PosillipoVeduta Panoramica
7Discesa Marechiaro
8Parco Vigiliano
9Veduta Panoramica
10Imbarco Per Le Isole Del Golfo
11Castel dell'OvoBorgo Marinan
12Stazione Marittima, Imbarco Crociere e Per Le Isole Del Golfo

Day 2 Friday 26th May VESUVIUS & POMPEII

Circumvesuviana Train to Vesuvius (Ercolano) 2.5E

In Naples the Circumvesuviana trains run from two stations including the main Central (Garibaldi) Station. From Naples journey times is about 20 minutes to Ercolano Scavi

Ercolano Scavi To Mount Vesuvius
Ercolano Scavi is the closest station to Mount Vesuvius access. When you spill out of the train station there is normally a collection of taxis and mini-buses that will take you to Mount Vesuvius.


Vesuvio Express Ercolano
There is a more formal shuttle bus service called Vesuvio Express that advertises on its web site that it runs every 40 minutes from Ercolano Station, 10 E

Vesuvius – Pompeii, can either take train OR

Busvia del Vesuvio
Departures run hourly from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in 23 seat, air-conditioned vehicles.
The trip length is 2.5 hours and you can make reservations in advance on their web site.

Tramvia del Vesuvia
Bit of a mystery why a tram style vehicle, apart from the novelty value. It must be a bone shaker of a ride!. This two hour in length option leaves six times a day, three early morning, three early afternoon.

Day 3, Saturday 27th May


The Metro del Mare route starts further up the coast from Naples and stretches all the way down the Amalfi Coast to Sapri, so your first task is to make sure the boat you’re getting on in Naples goes to Sorrento and doesn’t bypass it for the Amalfi or go straight to Capri. The lines which connect Sorrento with Naples are the MM1, MM2, MM3, and MM7. The MM1 stops at every city along the route, the MM2 and MM7 stop at a few of the cities, and the MM3 stops at only one before Sorrento – so if you want the fastest trip, the MM3 is the one to choose.

The frequency of the Metro del Mare boats changes with the season (they’re more frequent during the high season), so check the schedule when you’re there. The different lines also stop at both the Molo Beverello and Mergellina piers at different times, so that’s another thing to pay attention to. Depending on the line you choose, the trip could take between 35 minutes and 2 hours, and a ticket for one journey will cost €6.50.

Very late lunch/early dinner, then go back on slow ferry stopping at all ports to see a bit of everything ?

Day 5 Last Day Sunday 28th May til 2pm

Naples Town

Cimitero delle Fontanelle Via Fontanelle, 80, 80136, 10-5 daily (free)

Or possibly Capri


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