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Who Says I Can't?

On Friday, I did my strength and fitness test at the gym, in order to use the new eGym. I was full of trepidation, was convinced I wouldn’t do well, kept telling my trainer I wouldn’t do well due to middle age, fatness, smoking et al.

I did stonkingly well. I lifted a great deal more than I thought I could. Not a bit, A LOT.

James the trainer, explained that although I am heavy (I corrected him and said “fat”) I have a lot of muscle. Working muscle it seems. Scientifically provably so.

To make matters delightfully better, On the very scientific machine, that measure more things than I care to list, I thought I would get obese. I was delighted with Solid Build.

On Saturday, I thought I would struggle with being in the bike all day, as I haven’t cycled at all this year. No reason really, just the weather hasn’t been all that. Rod said I was fine and could easily manage. I was full of doubt.

I cycled 17km with ease. On a not-exactly-of-the-moment bike :)

No, I’m not great at everything. But I am better than I give myself credit for at physical things. Things that always fill me with doubt.

The only thing stopping me is me.

So yesterday, I went and did 2 eGym sessions, and caned it!

I feel great. REALLY positive.


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