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Only Slightly Seething.

So, having spent 6 years explaining that £100 minus 20% produces more revenue than £100 minus 25%, you would think that I'd be cock o'hoop that today, the penny finally dropped. I have heard all the arguments in favour of the 25% option,. but simply put, less income does not pay staff, overheads or make profit. No matter how well intended, and yes, |I do fully understand the reasoning behind it, but that doesn't change the outcome! Never has and never will. So instead of strutting around in a smug fashion, I am actually really naffed off that it took so long. But it's done, and common sense has prevailed. For that much, I am grateful.

A reminder that common sense is such an undervalued commodity these days. People are busy with their political correctness, trying to prove they are interesting free-thinkers, mindfulness and ad nauseum new wave trendiness, that common sense rarely seems to get a look in.

Had a lovely meal out with mah boo last night, for free. And a short walk through the back alleys and walkways of the City. I adore this area, it's a constant source of discovery and awe. Steeped in history. Surely London is the most fantastic city on earth!

During dinner, he remarked that I spent too much money as it spoiled the cut of my trousers. Instead of telling him Poland is paid for, Dublin is paid for, Corfu is paid for, Italy is paid for, The Alpes are 75% paid for, some money is saved towards 2 new sofas and as usual I've put money in my pension and in my ISA, and I've made my normal charitable contributions. I just smiled. Because it was a lovely night, and we have plenty to look forward to. Plus he shared his sorbet with me :)

I dashed home tonight and got a multitude of chores out of the way. I am now simply chillaxing with a bottle of red, no TV, two fed cats, and absolutely no intention of doing much more this evening. T'is lovely.


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