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All Our Children

Name of the play we say yesterday.

Jermyn Street Theatre is a tiny subterranean place with just 70 seats, and the front row is on the stage. It has a wonderful, intimate feel. The downside was, after eating a 2 course meal with wine before arriving, we were not allowed to go to the toilet - and it was stiflingly hot, no aircon. The play was very poignant and thought-provoking, tackling Nazi Germany's treatment of the disabled, the roles of science, state and church and of course human moral dilemma. Well written and very well played I thought.

This morning I checked how many disabled people were exterminated. It's in excess of 200,000, many of those were children. Some only had epilepsy. It was done to purify the race and save money. The methodology was gassing, lethal injection or starvation. Beggars belief really, but this was only seventy odd years ago.

Had an enjoyable pre-theatre in Brasserie Zedel. We sat in the cavernous downstairs, which was beautiful, but horribly over-lit, giving the impression of a canteen. Having explained to possibly the world's most impeccable maître d'that we were going to the theatre, he promised to have us out by 7.20, which happened. £9.75 for a 2 course prix fixe menu. Steak Haché with Sauce au Poivre et Frites followed by Gâteau Opéra - superb value! Frites were a tad overcooked, but everything else perfect. Wine was gorgeous.

I also garnered many Scooby Points by finding not one, but THREE hats in Jermyn Street! Firstly an Argentinian suede rancho hat, very similar to those worn by the Aussies, and then 2 hats left outside to die, one from Locke's - uncollected from being repaired!

One lavender has survived the transplant, t'other is still on the critical list.


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