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Life is Happening FOR me, Not To Me :)

Saturday was a funny old day. A ton of hard work, bath and a trip into London for the theatre, only to find boo still at Twickers, and somewhat less than sober, albeit quite endearingly! Decided to go in alone, no point in missing out - and he turns up at the interval, with a plate of wrapped sandwiches and a whole rucksack full of beer, a blow-up flamingo and a black beehive wig. As you do! He was in such a good mood, it was impossible not to laugh! And we had fun on the journey home too. And then sat up even later, as if we needed it, with more wine!

Woke up late yesterday yesterday, thereby missing the walkies, only to find that somebody who said they were going out of their way to avoid me, had added themselves on, LOL. Decided to make the most of finding out that this fact meant I was not letting 2 people go alone, by having a Sunday morning romp in the rock hard bed. Thereby turning a poor start into a good one.

Decided to make the most of being at home, and got really, really stuck in to the back garden. Tied back the roses, transplanted the poor ants-nested lavenders, stuck out a few baby geraniums and a fuschia, mowed like the devil, and completed the weeding. All whilst Jamie Oliver slow-cooking a big shoulder of pork.

To my enormous surprise, boo emptied the dining room. I didn't ask him to, it wasn't mentioned, he just cracked on and did it. And it looks great, although I think it needs repainting now, which I can do another time. I was gobsmacked, and absolutely delighted. Debs wandered down with a homemade dessert and some wine, and for the first times in several years, we entertained in the dining room! So so so pleased!

A very, very productive day.

Debs stayed a while afterwards, and I eventually fell asleep, waking up curled up in Rod's lap at 1.30am. No idea how hat happened, but I must really need the extra sleep. Woke up this morning in pain again, so himself changed the mattress over. I cannot wait to go to bed on my super-cosy mattress tonight!

I'm meeting him in a few hours for a Vietnamese meal out and the theatre again. I've traded today's rainy bank holiday for an extra day off in July, so we can do the full Secret Garden Party. And I am literally FLYING through work, with no phones to answer. Loving it!

Feeling full of love, happiness and gratitude.


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