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Time Poor

Up at 7.30, one lot of washing out, one in. Kitchen and bathroom moderately tidied and floors bleached. Lounge moderately tidied and vacuumed. Tesco shop done, ditto an hour and a half of weeding, which doesn't even show! It's now 3.15 and I need to get ready to go into London this evening. We are at the theatre on Monday night, and out to dinner Tue and Thursday nights. And I have an eGym induction Friday after work. Saturday is the Tweed Run and Sunday is a roast lunch out and LAM. All very lovely, but it leaves me with no time at all for the very now impending stay of Uncle Denis and Auntie Vicky in less than 3 weeks. And there's a LOT to do! I am going to have to jiggle some stuff I think. This is literally the first time I've sat down for more than 5 minutes today! Still, it's a full and interesting life :)

Still can't sleep too well on the new mattress, it's making me weary!

Yesterday I was vaguely looking at flights for a weekend when Rod's away. Found a cheapie to Poland, pinged Debs, she was keen, I booked the flights and the hotel in less than 4 minutes, and now we have a weekend in Poznan in June, 4* hotel with a two course dinner and return flights for £75 each. Ta da!


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