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DNA or Destiny?

I had a massive conversation with Den at the weekend, he's a very thoughtful, and thought-provoking man, old skool, but with a modern outlook. I don't know why, but it serpentined it's way to adoption, and I am an adoptee. I've never made a secret of it, and it was always impressed upon me that other people had to have whatever babies they were given, but I was the "Chosen One". So I've never felt lesser in any way, or deprived of anything. My parents have always given their blessing to me tracing my birth parents, and it does pop into my head every 3-4 years, but I never do anything. Laziness, fear of upsetting people, I dunno, perhaps I just don't really want to know *shrug*

Anyway, the question came up in our little faction of friends, where do you come from.

Which is of course, a totally separate question to Who's Your Daddy? Because we all know Ray Winstone is the fucking Daddy.

Now, I know I was adopted in London, but it doesn't mean I come from there, or that my mother had anything to do with London. Rod is always insistent that I am a Latina in some way, the very dark hair and eyes, the fiery temper and the passion. He could be right. certainly, I picked up Spanish very easily at school!

Or not.

And so I've sent off for the kit.

In a few weeks, I will know where I'm from. And oddly, not a lot of people actually know that. Not in depth anyway.


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