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Ordinarily, I would vote Conservative. I also like Mistress May. However, they are taking a direction I'm not overly keen on with Brexit, I was a Remainer. If any of her cuts are reversed (and all parties have 'fessed it'll be hard to do), it'll mean tax hikes for most ordinary people, much as many of us dislike them. So not convinced any party will be any better, without costing us a lot of money

Labour - well, he can't lead his own party, and he doesn't have the presence or charisma to lead the country. Even if he does become PM, there will be efforts to oust him from within his own party. He's far too in bed (and paid by) the Unions, which is never a good thing. And he's banging on about the establishment, showing his Commie roots. This country won't benefit from a Commie, especially one who's already said he's going gunning after big business, however well-intended it is.

Lib-dems were a choice. But Farron's Christianity, gay stance and abortion stance are extremely off-putting. And he's so wet behind the ears. No real experience. Think they can overturn Brexit, when it's already been voted on and dragged through the Houses and courts. Not sure if that's viable, but would certainly be an interesting plus.

Greens - some great stuff, but nowhere near strong enough. Can't see them pulling much in terms of votes, although they do deserve to.

UKIP. About to implode? Farage and Carswell were well-spoken, educated and plausible to the non Sun-reading electorate. Now gone, and are not standing. Nutall is a racist plonker. I'm not sure if this will be the undoing of them, but let's hope!

Locally speaking, our MP, Conservative, has served us for 12 years, actually lives here and gets heavily involved in both national and local issues. He's good. he deserves to stay, he's good for the constituency. Only last week he took on Veolia in the Commons over a local issue. I wish there were both a local MP vote and a PM vote. But there isn't.

So I'm undecided and awaiting manifestos. Which I will absolutely scrutinse. And I don't want to read "we'll do XYZ", and fule kno that easy. I want to see HOW and where they money is coming from.

I've never been undecided in an election. It's very unsettling. But that's probably a good thing, why should we all always be comfortable!


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