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Well Done Me

Stonking finish to the work period! We work in 4 week blocks, not months, and romped in well ahead of target, for the 4th period running, and sailing with a good wind into this period. I kinda like my ability to duck and dive when needs be, I have a great eye for trending, and I'm unafraid of making a lot of hay whilst the sun is shinning. Luck has also been on our side, we fully anticipated a dip post-attacks. But it didn't come, praise the goddesses!

And this month, in spite of buying a new evening gown and a really snazzy pair of expensive trainers from Irregular Choice and a jolly to Warsaw, I've managed to pay off all of Amalfi, all of Corfu and half of Les Hautes Alpes. Without reining in socialising. I know I spend too much though. That having been said, Facebook popped up a fabulous train trip, coast-to-coast, across the USA. $213. This is the problem, some things are just tooooo good to resist, it's not my fault! But I do realise it's madness thinking about 2018 holidays when I still have 4 hols yet to take this year. But it is ver ver tempting.......

Mum has seen her eye specialist, it's something to do with excess liquid on the retina (I didn't understand it all) and is probably treatable, so she's waiting to be scheduled in, and that'll be less than a month, huzzah! Frail, elderly parents scare the hell out of me.

We watched a fascinating TV prog on Freemasonry tonight, of which Dad is (was, he doesn't do anything now) a leading light. I remember when they went on holiday and were burgled, Mum was concerned firstly about her jewellery (all gone) and secondly about the mess in the house. Dad's only concern was for his Masonic paraphernalia, all of which was present and correct. Otherwise he'd have to have his tongue or his heart or whatever cut out. My brother has followed him. Maybe I should do the same in a Ladies Lodge! That having been said, I'm WI age now, hahahaha!

Heathrow tomorrow, for a big conference-cum-workshop. Such joy! I do love a 2-3 hour commute each way.


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