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Apr. 24th, 2017

The weekend can be described very accurately as “mixed”.

Mum got referred to the local hospital by her local GP due to not being able to see out of one eye – she’s had deteriorating eye issues for some time now, which we thought they had at least arrested, but obviously not. She duly pitches up as instructed only to be told, go to Darenth valley Hospital. Where she goes, only to be told, we’ve no Eye Department here, phone your own consultant on Monday! So we are now waiting to hear when her own consultant can see her, which could of course have been done on bloody Friday! The inadequacy and inefficieny of the NHS makes my blood boil. They have ample enough staff to give you the run around, but not one single member of staff who can give you the correct information. It’s not money that’s lacking, it’s common bloody sense! As a BTW, I was looking at NHS spending, which has steadily increased over the years. The issue is, older people. We have too many of them, AND they are increasing, AND the elderly of course, need more healthcare as they age. So I told Mum this and said I’d organise a few Hunger Games type events, to knock off about a third of them, thus relieving the NHS of the burden. She’s up for it! Of course I’ll have to do a Katniss Everdeen on that one, I can’t send my one-eyed, one-legged Mater in to battle!

Saturday daytime, potter potter. Useless slave decided to watch 26 millionaires kicking leather around at Wembley, instead of doing my floors, so I did those. He’s an ungrateful wretch. So lots of cleaning and tidying. Rod has erected the 4 poster bed in the spare room, which is great (I never expected to see it up, after buying it 10 year ago, I’m actually very pleased). But then he acquired 2 cabinets, which are neither use nor ornament. Pfffffft.

Saturday evening was supposedly Foxwatch chez moi. It was more like boozewatch. By the time Den & Erica arrived, mesself, Debs and Dawnie, were somewhat merry, having knocked back gin and red wine. We all sat out in the garden, with more wine, and some rather lovely vintage port, gifted by Deb’s beau. With 2-3 conversations going on at any give time, absolutely no surprise not to see the cubs or Mme Renard. Erica ordered the biggest curry meal I’ve ever seen, and we moved indoors – and A turned up. God knows what he thought, poor bloke. And it all just carried on. Anyway, the upshoot was me n Dawnie waking up at 3am on the sofas. We went to bed, but I just could not go back to sleep. So I pootled, and went outside just as the sun was coming up, and sure enough, the cubs were frolicking in the garden, playing hide n seek around the brazier. Didn’t see Mme til Sunday evening, although she’d been, because she’d scoffed the mountain of food tribute everybody brought her.

So, Sunday morning, I was super-tired. The girls decided to have a full curry for breakfast, even the smell made me feel ill! And we set off for Pete n Mandy’s.

Splendid walk, just under 7 miles, some hills and some flats, and a bally good Sunday roast. The sun was blazing away, and England looked at it’s absolute finest, green fields, bluebells carpeting the woods, birds of prey circling, and Dave drooling his way through everything. A really lovely day out, making me realise how much I’ve missed walking with mates. And a reminder that I need to reclaim my fitness! My back and knees held out, although I can tell they’re not overly impressed with me.


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