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Traje De Luces

The Varas.

The Matador enters the arena, and assess his (or her) competition. Judging the behavior, aggression and fear. And to warm up the opposition, and of course the crowd, suerte de capote is performed, allowing the red (irrelevant, bulls are colour-blind) cape to pass over the opposition as it lunges for him. Or her. The mounted Picadores* enter, and will stab their lances into the opposition's neck and shoulders, weakening it for the Matador.

The Banderillas

Usually three of them, will attempt to lance the opposition with sticks, often adorned in local flag colours. The Matador, having rested, will perform more swirls, or passes, with his cape, goading and tiring further, an already weak opposition.

The Muerte

The Matador enters for the final time, with his sword. He may at this stage, dedicate the life of the bull to his sweetheart, his country, or anything else he chooses. Solely for the benefit of the crowd, he will further entice the opposition in to reckless charges, thus enhancing his own bravery and credibility. It's all about the performance, as the bull invariably dies. However, a clean kill will be popular with the crowd. The opposition is (hopefully) stabbed through the heart. If this fails to kill, then he must cut it's spinal cord. Once in a blue moon, a brave bull who has fought well, is allowed to live.

The Matador can be rewarded with, depending on the crowd's pleasure, a lap of honour, one or both of the bull's ears, and the tail.

It is extremely ritualistic, quite old and traditional, and involves the wearing of completely inappropriate outfits and the opinions of often drunk people. There are lots of meaningless rules and a mostly unqualified judge (presidente).

In Spain, and some other predominantly Latin countries, this gory spectacle is called " Corrida de Torros".

In the UK, we call it a "General Election".

I in NO WAY endorse bull fighting.

* The worst part, as the horses are blindfolded and have crap stuffed up their ears and noses, so the poor animals have no idea that a bull is charging at them. They are padded, but it's still horrific.


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