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Yesterday was filled with it.

The USA wants to bomb Syria and remove Assad. Europe sorta does too, but doesn't want to piss of the Russians. China is sat on the fence waiting to see what everybody else does. North Korea wants to bomb South Korea. And America. There is already a war, of sorts, via Twitter. Twitter FFS! The President of the United States of America harrumphs via Twitter. And the Russians goad him.

I kept checking Reuters and Al Jazeera, because I felt almost sure something would happen.

It didn't, apart from another ISIS bombing, this time Dortmund :(

Meanwhile, some poor Doctor gets forcibly and rather violently dragged from his booked, paid for and sat-in seat on a plane! And the airline blames him for being "belligerent". They've back-pedalled furiously today, but they can kiss goodbye to $1 billion wiped off their share value. Serves 'em right.

I had a quietish evening. Gym alone, Tescos, where I purchased 10 bottles of wine for £30, thank you 25% off, plus another £6 voucher, and a tray of plants reduced to 90p. Oh, and some salad, which is what I went in for. Cooked us some dinner, and we sat and had a couple of bottles of said red, on the sofa, watching a film. I felt better at the end of an hour or three of no news and complete normality.

Tonight we're going out for dinner, and I shall again be ignoring the creeping Dystopia.


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