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Small note of concern today, Rod is in horse piddle, having his rotator cuff seen to, as in dye injected to see wassup. It's only minor, under a local, but I still fret! If that works, he'll have the other side done, and then, an op. And hopefully less pain for him. It's apparently wear n tear from Armying stuff over the years. His stomach is still being investigated.

My back and knee are holding up, lord knows how my liver manages to, but it does!

We are middle aged codgers at 51 of course. Not getting any younger, blah blah blah. We still do more than most people half our age, and substantially more than most of our contemporaries. Yesterday he did a 75 mile sportif on his bike, I trained it down to Kent to see the ageing parentals. And then whooped it up with Kate and Jane. Delightful afternoon and evening quaffing champers at the best restaurant in town, with lively conversation.

It keeps us youthful and happy. Interesting how the less you do, the less you actually can do. The brain and the bod atrophy at an alarming pace. I owe my very good skin, and exuberant outlook on life to late nights, red wine and cigarettes!

Speaking of skin, I have been alarmed to see how wrinkly people are getting, especially the sun worshippers. As I have no desire to resemble one of my vintage crocodile handbags, I've decided to mostly nix the sunbathing, and take super-good care of my skin this year. To be honest, I always have, but now it's REALLY important.

Right, let's see if mah boo has been done yet!


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