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It's a Wonderfill Life.

No, no typo :)

Life is currently very much being filled with wonder, and I'm making hay whilst the sun shines. Speaking of which, 23 degrees later today. Escaping down to Kent soonish, seeing the aged parents and then catching up with Kate, which very possibly will include quantities of food and alcohol. Let's not discuss my weight!!!

Wednesday was Erica day. Gloriously sunny evening, dinner at a local place, good food, bloody awful service! The boys, Rod and Den, weren't supposed to be there, but ended up joining us, which was fun.

I have done gym-lite with Marie 2 days this week, with no ill-effects on my back, so more of that next week.

Friday, whilst planting out my geraniums, I discovered, to my utter delight, fox cubs playing at the bottom of our garden! They are the offspring of M. Renard, our tame-ish fox, and are actually denned in the garden now. The first batch we've had for several years. They are gorgeous, and I can't stop looking at them. They are not afraid of hooman beans yet :)

Yesterday I went to the Ladies' Cocktail Club in London, and I do like Cubana as a venue. Catch up time with lots of lovely friends, and Mojitos, Woo Woo's, Sangria and Wine. Afterwards, Dawnie led us to Tas, and we somehow managed to get a large table on saturday night with no booking, which is a miracle. Great Turkish food, more wine, and interesting conversation. Rod joined us post-rugby, and t'was a fun journey home ;)

Today I am full o' beans!

Happy Sunday everyone :)


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