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As they say round 'ere. Not as in sweating, but as in good!

I ended the week on a high note, drunkenly singing choons from Oliver down the High Street, as I'd somehow managed to be persuaded by Debs n Kays to have more drink with them when I got back from LAM on Sunday. It's all in a good cause!

Saturday, I fell asleep on the sofa before midnight, mainly as we went out on Thursday and Friday I think!

The Pale Bluue Door was excellent. A higgledy piggledy house, somewhere in the back streets of Dalston, lived in by artisans, who, several times a year, host cabaret and dinner. It was all quite surreal. We were entertained by A Man To Pet, and fed really bloody good food! We were sat with 2 gay guys, both beardies called Simon, who used to be courting, but aren't now. But amazingly know Wes from Dalston Superstore and The Eagle. It's such a small world! Anyway, we got on famously with them and had a fab night.

Friday was Gary Barlow's The Girls in the West End. Love The Phoenix Theatre, it's compact and bijoux. The show managed to be both funny and poignant, and we both cried quite a lot. I loved the way it dealt with cancer, without being mawkish, and yet, still managed to convey fabulous Northern grit and humour.

I am "in recovery" this week. Gymmed tonight, albeit minor, as my back isn't 100% yet. Planning to go again tomorrow. Got waylaid by Cosmoba, wine and a friend at lunchtime today. These things just seem to happen! Thursday I am out locally with a girlfriend, Saturday I'm doing the Ladies' Cocktail Club, and Sunday down to Kent as we're visiting the parentals. And Kate n Nealy afterwards, LMAO!

I am feeling really upbeat and loved. All things are good.


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